Professional's Bio

Ok Q. Kim, the first Asian-American member of the American Industrial Real Estate Association (AIREA), is a well known real estate expert and one of the most publicized figure amongst the Asian American realtors. Ok has graduated from Korea University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, and acquired an MBA in Real Estate at Pacific States Univerisity.  His in-depth knowledge of finance and his well-established business relationships comes from over 35 years of experience, all of which contributes to his personal success in the industry. Ok's careers and achievements include his employment at the firm of Grubb & Ellis of Los Angeles, 13 years of employment at Major Properties, Founder and Director of Mid City Bank of Los Angeles, Vice President in the association 'Elite Top Salesman Group', Director of the Wilshire Chamber of Commerce for 3 consecutive terms, Professor of the School of Business at Yanbian University of Science and Technology in China since February 2009, and honorary professor of Real Estate at the Pacific States University in Los Angeles. Recently Ok has been appointed Dean of the School of Business at Yanbian University in China.  Ok continues to be a member of the executive board at Coldwell Banker Commercial JM Properties Inc. in the U.S. and constantly travels overseas balancing both careers.  While in China, Ok continues to be a pioneer in commercial and industrial real estate in Los Angeles, actively involved with the development of the city of Los Angeles and the growth of Koreatown (since the 1980's).  His most recent and biggest project was a multi-million dollar condominium development along the prestigious Wilshire Boulevard in the Park Mile District. Ok Q. Kim’s vision of bringing uncompromising professionalism in the field of real estate continues to grow, as his influences extend across the Asian community in Los Angeles. He invests a lot of time into his staff, emphasizing the importance of serving the best interests of the client with honesty, accuracy, and integrity. For additional information and inquiries, Ok Kim can be reached via email at